Re: TEXTAREA line terminators revisited

ts (
Thu, 12 Jan 95 09:34:04 EST

> So, are we saying that if I, as an information provider (server-side)
> create a TEXTAREA which includes text in it with lines that
> end with something other than CRLF, then my readers (client-side)
> will not see my line endings?
> If the answer is YES, then I have to object on behalf of anyone
> who might be creating HTML documents in any environment where
> CRLF is not the default line ending.

Just to give you an example : all PostScript documents send by my server
have line terminated by CRLF because if I put only '\n' some clients
(Ghostview on MS-DOS system) don't want to display the document because it
don't see the line ending.

Guy Decoux