Re: TEXTAREA line terminators revisited

Peter Flynn (
Fri, 13 Jan 95 04:04:45 EST

Chris posts:
> Well, from some perspectives. However, there's a large base of
> specs and implementations that use CRLFs (MIME, for example.
> RFC-822.) It might not be more "efficient", but it is (_I_ think)
> in wider use. Flame away.

I just can't get rid of the residual niggle at the back of my mind that
CRLF is a "real" EOL and the others are just half-hearted "solutions"
done by people who dealt with "real" terminals (where you needed a CR
to return the carriage to the start of the line and a LF to click the
paper roller round) by poking at the DIP switch that adds a LF to a CR
or a CR to a LF :-) A bit like the feeling that they stopped making
"real" cars at the end of the 60s {20s|30s|40s|50s:YMMV}. I grew up
with PDP-8s and DEC-10s but I've used Unix and Macs for long enough to
know better, but the gut feeling is still there.

> It would
> have been nice if way back when, everyone had agreed on ONE EOLN standard.

Naaah, too easy.

> Ah, well, the box is open now, Pandora. :^)

///Pandora^H^H^H^H^H^Heter, showing his age