Re: charset parameter (long)

Gavin Nicol (
Mon, 16 Jan 95 16:39:20 EST

>While Unicode solves the charset problem, negotiation between
>server and client remains. For the time being there will not be
>a client which handles all the languages represented by Unicode,
>and so the issue arises what if a browser handles 3 of the 5 languages
>used within a document. Will the server send the document? Is
>it the browser's responsibility to deal with characters it cannot handle.
>Is the current protocol for negotiation sufficient to deal with
>these and similar cases?

I would assume that any client that can parse Unicode, can also
process it. Exactly *how* it processes it is entirely a client side
issue, and as I outlined in my paper, there are many ways of handling
this. I should imagine that once people actually started
implementing it, free libraries, and fonts will become available.