Re: textured backgrounds

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 17 Jan 95 22:49:23 EST

In message <>, Joe English writes:
>Eric Bina <> wrote:
>> What do people think of an HTML tag in the HEAD that would specify
>> a background image to be used as a texture behind the current document?

Sounds useful for some cases.

Here's my suggestions on how to express it, in decreasing order
of how much I like it:

#1 Using DSSSL and the <styles> element that Dave Ragget
is cooking up.
(ok... overkill for now...)

#3 <body background="foo.xpm">...</body> or
<body texture="foo.xpm">...</body>

#2 <?Netscape BACKGROUND-IMAGE="foo.xpm">


Item #2 is only necessary if nobody else is interested in implementing
it. If most browsers will support it, something like 3, 4, or (would
that it were so) #1 is more appropriate.