Re: textured backgrounds

Yuri Rubinsky (
Wed, 18 Jan 95 09:47:54 EST

It is absolutely the case that people want to be able to do this sort
of "wallpapering", which in some mockups I've seen, can look terrific,
can enhance a publisher's unique look an' feel, and may not feel
particularly invasive but just part of the design.

Dan suggested that his first choice of technique would be to go for
DSSSL Light [I assume the Light version that is being worked on is
what he means, which will lessen the potential "overkill" effect.]

> #1 Using DSSSL and the <styles> element that Dave Ragget
> is cooking up.

I would argue strongly for this sort of approach for three major
reasons (all of which boil down to "it scales"):

1) that is, someone wanting to use the
same techniques for SGML documents on the Web could use it, and
browsers, as the distinction becomes fuzzier between HTML and SGML
browsers, need support only one mechanism; and

2) it works exactly the same way for classes of documents (where it
might be associated with a DSSSL Light style specification for one
DTD) as it does for a single document (which presumably would override
the defaults associated with the DTD style -- or which might be
negotiated in the Haakon Lie way); and

3) it could work on an entire document or on *any* plausible container
(such as BODY and TABLE as were suggested in previous mail).


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