Re: textured backgrounds

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 18 Jan 95 13:15:03 EST

I think that we are generally agreed to this principal
as applies to anything which the user may find annoying.
Note, however, that this is an implementation issue
and not necesarily one for the HTML WG to spend much
time discussing. Agreed?
> I'd like to second the motion. Textured backgrounds needs to be something
> that the user can shut _off_.
> Summarizing some discussions we had off-line last fall re: access by the
> disabled, adding texture to backgrounds makes it more diffiuclt for people
> with certain visual acuity problems to discern the foreground material.
> Also, certain kiinds of screen-reader software can be confused by texture,
> interpreting it as a graphic and ignoring what's "inside", i.e., the
> foreground text.
> And, as somebody just pointed out on this list, there are unique problems
> encountered by people with differing kinds of "color blindness".
> ==========
> Larry Jackson