Re: textured backgrounds

Gary Rich (
Thu, 19 Jan 95 15:12:43 EST

As Murray was saying:

>I think that we are generally agreed to this principal
>as applies to anything which the user may find annoying.
>Note, however, that this is an implementation issue
>and not necesarily one for the HTML WG to spend much
>time discussing. Agreed?

Amen, but one last little thing before we go back to the "non-cute" things.
As a big fan of abstraction I would like to see "logical" color names be the
preferred way to do this, ie:
<whatever background SRC="marble.xbm" color=contrast>
to apply a 1 color bitmap in the specified pattern over the existing
background in a contrasting color. The rest is ideally the bowser's job to
implement in a way that is pleasing to that particular user.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program of SGML talk that still makes my
head hurt (but I'm learning).

Gary Rich
Quarterdeck Office Systems