Re: textured backgrounds
Thu, 19 Jan 95 15:47:13 EST

> While it may not seem to some that presentation control is important,
> I believe most people working on web based commerce would not agree.

Believe me, we are VERY MUCH concerned about presentation. As far as I
know, OCLC's electronic rendition of the Americal Institute of Physics
Journal, _Applied Physics Letters Online_ is the first
subscription-based journal available via the Web. Until the Web can do
an adequate job of character representation and other, related issues,
background colors stay on my cool'n'glitzy list - I'm not against it,
it just should not be our first priority. (weeeeeelll, I might be
against it ;-).

And as information vendors or advertisers, we'll need to preview the
appearance of our pages on a great many pieces of hardware indeed
before you risk compromising your message with color schemes that work
fine on one machine and create active moire patterns on another.

If you're interested, there are samples of our journal rendition under
the What's New and What's Hot button at: