HTML Markup

Joel Fleiss (
Thu, 19 Jan 95 16:20:25 EST

Dear Daniel Connolly:
We have the document "Hypertext Markup Language" dated 13 July 1993, and
we have a question about HTML markup. We are working on translating
different sorts of documents to HTML and would like to include some markup
that is not standard HTML and are wondering how other HTML parsers will
regard this markup. We are hoping that they will ignore unrecognizable
markup and not have a serious problem with it. Otherwise, this markup will
have to be included as comments <! ... > with &gt; and &lt; as appropriate.

For example, HTML can encode bold and italics, but does not handle
underlines. So, if we put as markup:

<UNDERLINE> ..underlined text... </UNDERLINE>

would an HTML parser be able to ignore the <UNDERLINE> and the </UNDERLINE>
and still display the ...underlined text... ?

Or, does this have to be:

<!&lt;UNDERLINE&gt; ..underlined text... &lt;/UNDERLINE&gt;>

We would really appreciate your input on this. Also, if you have an updated
document on HTML (ours expired 13 January 1994) we would be delighted to
receive it from you.

Joel Fleiss
Quality Information Systems, Inc.