Re: textured backgrounds

H&kon W Lie (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 05:47:13 EST writes:

> I recently encountered a very glitzy publication with very interesting
> content and an appearance I'd be happy to frame and hang on the wall.
> Problem was with all the distracting color to the 'paper' and less than
> adequate contrast, I couldn't read the thing. They lost a subscription.

HTML stylesheets done right will allow you to override the publisher's
presentation hints. See for
pointers to proposals and a summary of current consensus.

> There are times these days I can't bring up arena or netscape because
> too many different colors are required for what is available on my
> SUNOS Sparc station.

Arena uses a fixed colormap and will happily leave colors for other
applications to allocate. However, if an existing application hogs
colors, arena will complain before it kicks into grayscale/monochrome


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