Re: Super and Subscripts

Maurizio Codogno (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 09:51:19 EST

% 2n
% while <math>{e^2^}^n^</math> is e and again not what you want.
% I felt that people could easily learn to use _ and ^ as shortrefs for
% subscripts and superscripts. Learning a further two characters to
% distinguish opening from closing tags is much harder, particularly,
% given the less than obvious choices available.
% With the BOX element, the problem doesn't arise, as the { and } chars
% are obvious candidates. Note: &lbrace; and &rbrace; are used when you
% need curly braces in your expressions.

this is suspiciously nearer to TeX ... While I agree that it's the best
choice to write maths, do we want to add support for all these things?