Re: Shortref [was: Re: Super and Subscripts]

Maurizio Codogno (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 12:31:57 EST

% I'd much rather see a simpler language that may be a little more cumbersome,
% and if there turns out to be a need to provide shortcuts, add them later.

Einverstanden... it is ok.

% I look at maths as being split into
% * arithmetic, tht you can evaluate easily
% * engineering mathematics, that can in principle be evaluated and can in
% * research mathematics (could also be called `pure' or `abstract')
% HTML mathematics can reasonably be expected to support the display of (1),
% and probably most of (2), where the semantics and presentation are well
% defined. For case (3), where new operators and symbols are introduced,
% one can have an extensible layout mechanism (as supported by,
% for example, troff/eqn or TeX), or one can allow embedded images.

I'd be for the lattest. It is much better to format strange things with
tools which are purposelly made for this (like TeX, troff/eqn)... than
burden HTML. But coming back to "basic" math, I think that
could be written
<MATH> e^2^n\^\^ <\MATH>
without loss of generality or understandability.

ciao, .mau.