Re: Super and Subscripts

Peter Flynn (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 14:35:34 EST

> this is suspiciously nearer to TeX ... While I agree that it's the best
> choice to write maths, do we want to add support for all these things?

Dave writes:
Adding support for TeX to browsers is a major increase in complexity.
By contrast, adding support into HTML for the HTML.math proposal costs
surprisingly little code. The Adobe symbol font is available on most
platforms (PCs, Macs and Unix), and provides most of what people need.

While I obviously have a personal interest in seeing a browser with
embedded TeX support (and it wouldn't be _that_ complex, given that
the TeX engine is effectively bug-free and freely available :-) I have
to agree with Dave in the most part.

If there are equations which are too complex, there's nothing wrong
with making a .dvi file available as an external graphic, given the
existence of application/dvi or application/x-dvi, as anyone wanting
that level of complexity is virtually certain to be a TeX user anyway.

We can work to get improved public domain fonts for rarer symbols.

But all the symbols used in TeX _are_ in the public domain, as
Postscript outlines as well as other formats.