Re: textured backgrounds

Terry Allen (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 16:20:00 EST

Rob Raisch writes:
>I would like to make a strong request for the ability of the
publisher to specify that the stylesheet they provide should
not/must not be overridden in the browser.

Absolutely. But the inverse may obtain: some clients will give
the user the ability always to override the publisher's style
sheet, or to supersede parts of it. That means that the user
won't see the effects of the publisher's ss without an act of
will. As a user, that sounds okay to me. But if I were designing
ads I might be alarmed that some indeterminate subsets of my
carefully crafted presentation might be overriden.

So would it make sense to allow the publisher also to specify that
the doc is to be rendered with the published style sheet or not
at all?


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