Re: language hints in code stream vs. SGML markup

Gavin Nicol (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 16:46:53 EST

><p>The eastern facade of the Madrasah al-Firdaus bears one of
>the earliest <i>tiraz</i> bands in the Ayyubid architecture of
>Aleppo. Its inscription reads <phrase lang=arabic>xxxx xxxxx xxx
>xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx</phrase>, and the three words
><phrase lang=arabic>xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx</phrase> were originally highlighted
>in red paint.

Sure. There are cases when high level markup is more suitable, for
example, it's nice to be able search in a language specific manner.
However, for simple glyph image disambiguation, it might be overkill.
I prefer giving people a choice on how they mark up their documents.

Ironic that I'm also the one asking that we force acceptance of