Re: textured backgrounds

Robert A. Lentz (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 17:19:58 EST

Terry Allen ( writes:
> So would it make sense to allow the publisher also to specify that
> the doc is to be rendered with the published style sheet or not at all?

Then you might as well add the ability to control whether or not the document
should be loaded based upon whether or not image loading is on.

I think the user should be left in control, that is the person who can best
decide how things should be presented on the local setup. I think publishers
who insist on absolute control would soon find a loss of good will and thus
business. (Look at how upset people were about Netscape's background color

(If publishers really are concerned about how their stuff looks, then they
better darned well start checking it out on non-color displays. My office-mate
cannot read some of the Netscape controls on his monochrome monitor, for


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