Re: Super and Subscripts; Tables and Equations

Jim Hamerly (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 18:15:19 EST

>> I'm assuming a mature user model where creation and editing of
>> HTML documents eventually will not require typing markup or

>> hopefully,the user ever seeing it. Comments?

> I think that ignores why HTML is such a popular language it is
> today - it's easy to author in without any complex or expensive
> tools. My favorite HTML editor is still Emacs, even without
> running html-mode.el. The decision to make HTML more complex based
> on the concept that "nobody should ever have to write in it" should
> be made very carefully, and I hope it would be backed up by good
> public-domain editing tools. Now, given that, I totally see a need
> for a tools that allows user to create a table or a mathematical
> equation WYSIWYG-ish and export that to HTML to import into another
> HTML document they are working on, but we should avoid making HTML
> as a whole a difficult language to do by hand, lest it digress into
> something like PostScript.

> Brian

Emacs may be fine for those of us in this WG, but not for the
majority of potential users.

There are good tools under development, including ones like Pages,
that will create and save your tables in a multiplicity of tagged
HTML formats, or simply imaged as .gifs, resulting in true WYSIWYG
today. In doing tables, I think the user will want to be removed
from the burden of having an intimate knowledge of the semantic and
syntactic aspects of table markup. Ditto for equations.

Jim Hamerly
Pages Software Inc