Re: textured backgrounds

Albert Lunde (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 20:18:27 EST

At 7:14 PM 1/20/95, Christian Mogensen wrote:
>Quick addition to the browser override discussion: I want to have it
>configurable by site too:
> * 100% browser default, 0% stylesheet
> *: 100% stylesheet

In a sense, this is a browser implementation issue. (Like Killfiles ;) ;)

It seems like we want a general framework for multiple levels of style
sheet information, that does not constrain too much the number or
type of levels.

We also need to say how and where to find style information that is fetched
over the network, supplied by the source, and/or parsed from (or somehow
implied by) the HTML.

Beyond that, browsers can choose to add and many levels "before" or "after"
these as they like.

(One set of global defaults to be modified by style sheets may be the usual

If I want to write a client that does blue text on weekdays and red text on
weekends, I can do it, and it need have no impact on the form of the

We need mechanism more than policy.

* * * * * * * * *

Can someone talk about the pro's and cons' of different proposals from


in the light of these various wish lists/goals for styles.

(I gather structured text vs. presentation and user control vs. author
control have been discussed before in the SGML and HTML communities, and
the style sheet ideas come out of trying to find a useful compromise among

    Albert Lunde