Re: Pythia: Really bad ideas

Paul Hoffman (
Sat, 21 Jan 95 13:05:29 EST

To be fair, you should show what they have at their top-level page
<URL:>. Note the <i>ized text in the opening paragraph:

<p>This site serves the users and developers of the Pythia Publishing
System. Pythia is an advanced WWW product which is intended for commercial
and scientific applications. <i>Pythia is not a 'general-purpose' WWW
browser. It is not aimed at individual users</i>. It is based on current
HTML/HTTP standards, but has proprietary extensions to support features
<li>sophisticated page layout
<li>inline MPEG and AVI videos
<li>unique digital signature for every copy of browser
<li>vector graphics
<li>relational database queries
<li>business graphics (charts)
<li>standalone operation (no net connection)

To me, all this means is that their customers are probably boxing
themselves into something that will be very hard to get out of later, in
exchange for a few non-standard features now (if those features even work).

Happens all the time in this industry.

--Paul Hoffman
--Proper Publishing