Re: Pythia: Really bad ideas

Albert Lunde (
Sat, 21 Jan 95 13:44:29 EST

> To be fair, you should show what they have at their top-level page
> <URL:>. Note the <i>ized text in the opening paragraph:
> ==========
> <p>This site serves the users and developers of the Pythia Publishing
> System. Pythia is an advanced WWW product which is intended for commercial
> and scientific applications. <i>Pythia is not a 'general-purpose' WWW
> browser. It is not aimed at individual users</i>. It is based on current
> HTML/HTTP standards, but has proprietary extensions to support features
> like [...]

It does seem that they aim to preserve the ability for their clients
to access conventional WWW servers. A regular client that ignores unknown
tags and attributes will most likely not choke on their HTML, even
if it might look ugly.

I'd say that once higher levels of the HTML standard come along, they
will have a hard time differentiating themselves.

It may be worth looking at to see if there's anything to add to a HTML
features "wish list", but I wouldn't pay much attention to the details.

    Albert Lunde