Re: <!-- comments -->

Peter Flynn (
Sat, 21 Jan 95 19:08:13 EST

Forgive me for injecting a 2.0 question into the morass... Consider the


My left brain (or is it my right brain?) does not want this to be a valid
comment, but I can not dispute it wielding the HTML 2.0 spec. Who wins?
Brain or spec?

The standard defines a comment:

[92] comment =
com, [--]
SGML character*, [eg a markup char or data char]
com [--]

(SGML handbook, p.391) and it says "No markup is recognized in
a _comment_, other than the COM delimiter that terminates it."

Assuming that "--" is the COM delimiter, this seems to mean you
can't have any double-dashes _within_ a comment, although I would have
thought it ought to mean the terminating "--" has to occur immediately
prior to the TAGC character ">".

Incidentally, <!> is also a comment (p.36), useful where you want to
separate lines in a document where short references might make a CRLF
into a data character.