Re: language hints in code stream vs. SGML markup

Dirk Herr-Hoyman (
Tue, 24 Jan 95 08:16:16 EST

At 6:26 PM 1/21/95, Terry Allen wrote:
>Albert Lunde asked:
>| At 3:28 PM 1/20/95, Peter Flynn wrote:
>| >Read the recommendations of the TEI. #50/copy (2 vols, 1300pp total)
>| >Mail for details (or Mike Sperberg-McQueen at UICVM,
>| >whose email address I can never remember).
>| Is this the same as the stuff on the web at:
>After recent experience, I say, not necessarily. To be sure of
>getting the most recent and correctest stuff, follow the appended
>Archive of the mailing list is maintained by
>(send request GET TEI-L FILELIST for list of files, including log files,
>send request GET TEI-L LOG9405 to get the log for May 1994, etc.); no
>Gopher- or Web-aware access yet. Definitive copies of the Guidelines
>and DTDs and other stuff at and,
>mirrors at [from Michael Sperberg-McQueen]

After just being together with Michael and Lou at the TEI meta-workshop in
Chicago, it was my understanding the the printed P3 guidelines (known as
the "green book") and the Docbook CD-ROM and are all based on the SAME TEI source
code. I know we were flipping through the Virginia material at the

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