Re: NCSA patents on MOSAIC ???!!!

Tom Magliery (
Wed, 25 Jan 95 12:57:25 EST

At 8:31 AM 1/25/95, wrote:
>An article published in last Sunday's Chicago Tribune suggests that the
>University of Illinois has applied for several patents on technology relating
>to MOSAIC. If this is true, then they appear to be getting ready for a
>Unisys/Compuserve-style "hook them then cook them" move against the Internet

Not even remotely true. In fact, ridiculous. Software patents would be
completely the opposite of NCSA's position (both as a group and -- for
everyone I know -- individual people) on the idea of open standards. For
example, look for near-immediate support in NCSA Mosaic for other image
formats, in the wake of the GIF flap.

The only legal-type mumbo-jumbo that NCSA is involved in re: Mosaic is that
we've put trademarks on the spinning globe logo, "NCSA Mosaic" and (I
think) "Mosaic". No patents.

Just further confirmation that newspaper reporters and technology often
don't mix.


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