Re: Characters in range 128-159, incl.

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 26 Jan 95 06:44:03 EST

> Truetype fonts in Windows use the character range of 128-159 for several
> 'publishing' type characters, particularly the various single and double
> smart quotes. As a result, I am receiving files from Windows users for
> conversion into HTMl documents which contain characters in this range and I
> don't know what to do about them.

> Should I...
> Disallow them entirely since the HTML 2.0 spec says they are unused?
> Disallow would have to mean either substitute some other acceptable
> character on a case by case basis or remove entirely.

You could just mark the resulting documents as

text/html; charset=windows-truetype

and register "windows-truetype" as a character set. With the
appropriate code translation/transliteration tables, other browsers
might be able to deal with them, then.