Re: Characters in range 128-159, incl.

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 26 Jan 95 12:10:20 EST

> lsquo Left single quote
> rsquo Right single quote
> ldquo Left double quote
> rdquo Right double quote

> So I'm inclined to renew my call for a future version of HTML to
> support ISOpub and ISOnum. Dan took me to task for not considering
> how difficult this might be to support, but these are characters
> that people use, want, and need for ordinary publishing.

The proposed <q>...</q> element in HTML 3.0 is intended to reduce the
need for typing these characters. The browser wraps the enclosed text
in double or single quotes, alternating as <q>s are nested. With the
LANG attribute, the idea is that the browser selects the appropriate
characters for that language. Double or single quotes being appropriate
for the default LANG="en_us".

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