Re: Characters in range 128-159, incl.

Stan Newton (
Thu, 26 Jan 95 13:50:55 EST

>I ran into a related problem trying to use entity references instead of
>using character entities directly, but this seems to break HTML browsers.
My experience here is the same as yours I think. Specific named entities are
not dynamically resolved, but numeric ones often are (probably because its
easy to set up a generic numeric handler)

>As you point out, characters in the range 128-159 inclusive are UNUSED,
>although I think I've come to understand that this refers to the characters
>that are allowed in the SGML input ("byte stream"). That is, maybe these
>characters are valid in the document instance if you use character
>entities, even though they are precluded from literal SGML input.

The other messages in this thread state that passing the stream test is
clearly not sufficient to produce what you probably wanted. Character set
position to glyph representation issues still remain.

So far, this is looking like one large tarbaby!!

Stan Newton
Newton Computing Solutions