Re: Characters in range 128-159, incl.

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 26 Jan 95 20:24:34 EST

> I said
> >You could just mark the resulting documents as
> >
> > text/html; charset=windows-truetype
> >
> >and register "windows-truetype" as a character set. With the
> >appropriate code translation/transliteration tables, other browsers
> >might be able to deal with them, then.
> >
> and Stan replied:
> > You are MIMEing me here, right? This is something I would do on the HTTP
> > side rather than the HTML side??
> > Stan Newton
> > Newton Computing Solutions
> Well, my response about "charset=windows-truetype" is a bit
> tongue-in-cheek, but basically yes, I'm recommending using MIME to
> characterize (so to speak) the character set used in the document.
> Personally, I find the text in the SGML Handbook on character sets to
> be very difficult to understand. While it might be that "the SGML
> Handbook" is just not clear on the issue, I'm instead conjecturing
> that the SGML facilities for dealing with multiple character sets is
> weaker than MIME, and that we should ignore the SGML character set
> mechanisms and use MIME's.

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