Re: <PRE tab-width=4> [ (Wayne Long): Feedback on "Hypertext Markup Language" Int<PRE tab-width=4> [ (Wayne Long): Feedback on "Hypertext Markup Language" Int

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 26 Jan 95 22:46:19 EST

> I have an application where I an using Mosaic internally as a Software
> Information Server. There are several Pages that allow the user to
> display "living" C and C++ source code. The code is formatted using
> a tab space of 4. The code looks horrible when displayed with Mosaic
> which assumes a spacing of 8 (which is a correct assumption for many
> text documents). It is not feasible to reformat for a tab width of 8
> because they are "living" source files.

Of course it is feasible to reformat on the fly. Just make a cgi that
does the transformation. And you won't even have to wait for a
change to the standard (years) and a change to all deployed browsers