Re: <PRE tab-width=4> (Thumbs Down)

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 27 Jan 95 10:41:53 EST

In message <>, Paul Grosso writes:
>> From: "Dave Raggett" <>
>> > You might consider a TABSTOPS attribute too:
>> > <!attlist pre
>> > -- ... other attributes --
>> > tabwidth NUMBER #IMPLIED
>> > tabstops NUMBERS #IMPLIED
>> >
>> Do we really want to encourage people to use tab chars in PRE text?
>No! Thank you, Dave, for saying what I was thinking.

I think I have seen convincing arguments _against_ <pre tab-width=4>.
The value does not bear the cost of deployment.

Actually... now that I think about it, the problem of implementing:

<a href="foo.c">foo.c</a>

has nothing to do with HTML at all: that's a text/plain body. You'd
have to convince the browser to display tabs in plain text documents
at every 4 spaces. So you'd have to put the info in the link, or
in a preference setting in the browser or (if there were a server
involved) on the Content-Type header, ala:

0200 ca va bien
Content-Type: text/plain; tabs=4