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Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 27 Jan 95 14:06:19 EST

In message <>, Keith M. Corbett writes:
>Is there any facility in http to negotiate with the client and serve up the
>most appropriate rendering of a link target in a format that is best for the

Yes. In fact, one might say this is the raison d'etre for HTTP. Please
see section 8. "HTTP Negotiation Algorithm" in the HTTP 1.0 spec[1].

Note that this has been part of HTTP from the beginning[2].

>(Sorry if this is completely obvious, I've never dealt with http except to
>install NCSA v1.3 for Windows. :)

Then I think it is inappropriate for you to ask the above question on
this list. (1) it has nothing to do with HTML, and (2) it's in
everyone's best interest if you do some background reading before you
ask a question on this list.

I think "HyperText Design Issues"[3] should be considered "required
reading" for this and other WWW-related working groups.

Mon Dec 19 19:57:28 1994

[2] About document formats (Design Issues)
Thu Jan 14 10:22:26 1993

Fri Jan 22 16:23:15 1993