A Tag to suggest text/background color to a browser

Fri, 27 Jan 95 15:49:28 EST

What would be the possibilities of adding a tag or sgml attribute to
HTML 3.0 that would SUGGEST a color (using standard RGB coding) to
your the browser for printing text in as well as setting the
background color? I realize that you couldn't force the browser to use
these, and they could even be over-ridable in the user setup, but this
way, it would make it possible to design gifs, knowing what color
background they will hopefully be viewed on (since the browser folks
seem to enjoy changing this slightly to suit their apperance) as well
as adding another way to emphasis text passages, etc.

The tags might look something like this:

<CLR R="14" G="123" B="45">Hi, this is colored text</CLR>

<BK R="234" G="32" B="231"> ....lots of text and graphics.... </BK>

I think this would be easy to add to the spec and would only require
changes to the various browsers to recongnize and implement it. The
broswer can already understand RGB colors (Gifs, etc) so, it should be
too hard, and once again, it could be set up in a broswer so that a
user can override the html settings, as well as the browser defaults.

Sean P. kane

please respond to: skane@email.usps.gov (as I am no longer subscribed
to this group)