Re: New DTD (final version?)

Larry Masinter (
Mon, 30 Jan 95 11:24:30 EST

(From various messages...)

> Anybody who really knows about character set declarations is
> invited to look those over too. I'm still not clear on the distinction

> I have to admit to lack of expertise in the area of the details of the
> character set stuff in SGML declarations. Not that I haven't tried,
> but there are just too many issues for me to know if the ones given
> are the best ones for HTML use. Character sets in HTML is an open
> issue, and I have no reason to think that the ones Dan has included
> aren't the best ones for now.

My main concern at this point is that the SGML declaration for
character sets in the HTML standard not get in the way of using
an external "charset" declaration to actually set up what the
character encoding of the document might be.