Re: Text next to graphics

Christian Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Mon, 30 Jan 95 14:01:54 EST

This is only possible in Mozilla (and OS/2 WebExplorer). Check
out Netscape's HTML extensions page (look in the Help menu).

Sidenote: WebExplorer seems to be the first to implement a lot
of Netscape 'features', although <BLINK> does not appear to be
one of them...

HTML-WG: Is it worth adding a section saying specifically what
cannot be done in HTML 2.0 (like wrapped text and centering)?

something like:
NOTE: Images is usually rendered in line with the text as if it were
a large character. Wrapping text around an image is not possible in
HTML 2.0. Future levels of HTML may include this ability.

Christian "web-head"