Re: Client-side imagemap I-D

Eric Miller (
Fri, 3 Feb 95 13:40:20 EST

Regarding draft-ietf-html-clientsideimagemap-00.txt:

Overall this proposal looks good. If I may, i'd like to make a few

The clientside image map (as Jim mentioned) resolves
several deficiencies in the current image maps spec.
With the notion of clientside image maps, however, the next logical
step would be to wrap this into the <FORM> confines and allow for
multiple click events to define certain user actions. Interactions
with complex database (specifically those with an image component)
would be greatly enhanced with the ability to define regions as
a querying mechanism.

>From Dave 3.0 DTD...

> Should we support graphical selection menus with SELECT?
> These would process clicks locally rather than at the server.

I think this is an important capability with respect to both
network resources and functionality. It would seem than clientside
image maps would facilitate this.


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