Re: HTML WG meeting at April IETF meeting

David - Morris (
Sun, 5 Feb 95 01:17:28 EST

On Sat, 4 Feb 1995 Jon_Bosak@Novell.COM wrote:

> Isn't it time to start thinking of HTML as WWW-related rather than
> IETF-related? Which would you rather miss, an IETF conference or a
> WWW conference?

Perhaps the respective groups could collaborate on the scheduling?
HTML for me is tightly bound to the internet and issues like http,
security, general protocol concerns, etc. From what I observed in
San Jose, most of the key players seemed to be in the same meetings as
I was so I think it would be wrong to divorce html from a close association
with the other IETF topics.

Real applications can't be deployed without considering the whole system
that html is part of.