Re: New DTD (final version?)
Mon, 6 Feb 95 14:15:51 EST

Larry Masinter <> writes:
> [about the status of his proposed changes to the HTML 2.0 draft]
>I sent the proposal as a response to what I thought was the task I
>took on at the last IETF. I didn't propose any changes to the DTD,
>because I didn't know enough to do so safely.

It's not clear to me that any changes to the DTD itself are needed to
accomodate single charset documents, anyway. It already works, except
for the lack of proper charset announcement, so the draft only needs to
acknowledge it.

>I intended that what I wrote wouldn't make any additional requirements
>on either HTML writers or HTML interpreting applications, but rather,
>give a way to describe current practice.

Which is how I read it, except for the "ISO-Latin-1 only" requirement that was
in the original proposal.

>At this point, it's now up to the document editors, I think, to
>integrate the proposed changes or reject them, if they aren't seen as
>representing the consensus of the group.

Perhaps the editors wouldn't mind speaking up their minds on this?

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