Re: Client-side imagemap I-D

Paul Wilson (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 09:30:52 EST

>Your other comments are good. One note on the AREA element and the ALT tag
>- the reason to do this rather than have AREA be a container is to improve
>the quality of backwards compatibility. If AREA were a container, there
>would be no way for an older browser to know not to render that markup.

One important advantage of the HTML 3.0 <FIG> (I am basing my discussion on
the HTML+ Proposal by Dave Regget.[1]) specification as I understand it is
that the text contained in within th <FIG>text here</FIG> container would be
interpreted as ALT text. That is, when using a text browser or a GUI
browser in a text mode (important for people with low bandwidth and
disabilities), this text would be displayed instead of the iamge.

With such a system, it is easier to replace the imagemap with a complete
paragraph of linked and unlinked text which clearly describes the links.
This give the user more information about the links (that might have been
implied graphically -- a picture is worth 1000 words) so that (s)he may
choose one correctly.

My understanding of the I-D is that an imagemap would be replaced by a list
(maybe even a string) of links that were not explained by anything more that
the linked ALT text itself.

I understand the backwards compatibility issue, but the older browsers would
ignore this <FIG> container and simply use the alternate text, thus working
the same way as an up-to-date text-mode browser. The user would still get
all the information and the future users would have an option as to which
clear and complete form the information was de
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