Re: Character sets

Gavin Nicol (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 12:11:31 EST

>Stating that "ERCS (Unicode) is the best answer" doesn't help those of
>us like myself that don't know what ERCS is and barely know what
>Unicode is. I suspect you have seen neither support nor arguments nor
>alternatives because folks don't fully understand your proposal.
>Could you please:
> * State the problem as you see it
> * demonstrate that ERCS/Unicode is a globally cost-effective
> solution to the problem, as well as not locally prohibitive
> * discuss graceful deployment and interoperability issues
> * give references to ERCS and Unicde
>I should think this would make a nifty internet draft for this working
>group to discuss.
>After some consensus building, you'd have ammunition to convince vendors
>to support it.

Question: should I simply revise my current paper (sent to the list
some weeks ago), and repost, or shall I actually wrap it up as an

Either way, it will take a few days...