Re: Outstanding Issues for 2.0 RFC (charsets?)

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 17:03:40 EST

I'd like to see the character set problem worked out too.
But I don't think that it will be anytime real soon.

I also don't think HTML2 is the place for it, not right now.

I agree with Dan and Eric's positions that we need
to move forward with what we have and get HTML 2.0
out the door.

Seconded. People are looking for a statement, a peg to hang their hats
on, even if it gets superseded by a peg-de-luxe in a couple of months
time. I've kept my trap shut during the charset discussion because
I've been this route too many times before.

A few less engineers I could cope with,
I'm just glad that Dan doesn't want to shoot all of the
technical writers. :-)

Nor the pianists, I hope :-)


1. Get HTML2.0 wrapped up and on the road

2. Make it clear it's a baseline _from_ which we will work, not
_to_ which we will work

3. Include statement that "strict mode" (aka recommended) is the
preferred target but that "lax mode" (aka deprecated) is there
to support the legacy _pro tem_

4. Follow HTML2 by a "consultation draft" of HTML3 for wide
circulation fairly soon (eg 2 months max)