Re: Charsets: Problem statement/requirements?

Bob Jung (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 22:39:09 EST

At 6:44 PM 2/8/95 -0500, Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
>** What happens with existing clients?
> (Mosaic 2.4 will fail to recognize it as text/html at all,
> and put to "save to file" dialog. This is reasonable/reliable
> behavior, in my book)
>** What should future clients do?
> I can't read russian. Most of the planet can't read russian.
> I won't pay extra for a client that deals with russian.
> It's not cost-effective to require the whole world to support
> russian character sets.
> If I were an engineer at NetScape, for example, I'd cringe at
> the thought of required suport for Russian fonts.

Speaking as an engineer at Netscape...

Netscape will rely upon the system (e.g., Mac, Windows, X) to provide the
fonts. Netscape only needs to convert from 8859-5 (or KOI8 or KOI7 or
whatever is specified in the MIME charset parameter) to the encoding used by
the browser's Cyrillic font.

Once I have a basic architecture to convert from Latin1-to-MacRoman,
it's simple to add Latin5-to-MacCyrillic.

Cyrillic is not on the top of my priority list, but I can very easily support
it in the future as long as the base system does. Mac, Windows and X do
support Cyrillic.

not cringing :-)

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