Re: Client-side imagemap I-D

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 9 Feb 95 11:30:47 EST

>> From Dave 3.0 DTD...

>> Should we support graphical selection menus with SELECT?
>> These would process clicks locally rather than at the server.

My proposal is to add a SHAPE attribute to the OPTION element:

selected (selected) #IMPLIED
value CDATA #IMPLIED -- default to element content --
shape %SHAPE; #IMPLIED -- for graphical selection menus --

This uses the same syntax as for <A> in FIGs, e.g.

<SELECT NAME=welcome SRC=welcome.gif>
<OPTION VALUE=opt1 SHAPE="rect 0, 12, 32, 40">Our Company

This is in the current version of the 3.0 DTD as at:

The DTD specifies the syntax for shapes. To allow for scaling of
images by the server or client, the coordinates can be specified
in two ways:

a) with integers for pixel values

b) with floating point numbers in the range 0.0 to 1.0
and representing the fractional distance along each
side of the image

The latter is appropriate when the image doesn't have an intrinsic
size (e.g. drawing formats) or when the server may use images at
different sizes/formats depending on client capabilities.

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