Re: Client-Side Image Maps

Eric W. Sink (
Thu, 9 Feb 95 18:57:49 EST

Gentle reminder:

Please remember that HTML 3.0 does not yet exist. This group intends to
standardize a language called HTML 3.0, and we happen to have a sizeable
proposal (thanks to Dave Raggett) from which we can start, but nothing in
that proposal is set in stone.

Other proposals have the right to be considered on equal terms with that
which was previously called HTML+. Jim Seidman's proposal for client-side
image maps is one such example. Larry Masinter's file upload proposal
deserves consideration. Netscape's HTML extensions deserve consideration.

If a proposed mechanism conflicts with the current proposal by Dave
Raggett, it should be rejected only if it is an inferior proposal, not
simply because HTML+ was here first.

Eric W. Sink, Senior Software Engineer --