Re: SGML/MIME charsets, ERCS/Unicode [was: New DTD (final version?) ]

Gavin Nicol (
Fri, 10 Feb 95 08:05:27 EST

>> It was long ago decided in the HTTP working group that HTTP does not
>> require strict conformance to MIME in this area. It was also noted
>> that this is not in the MIME *standard*, but rather in a draft being
>> circulated. I believe Larry corrected me on this issue, and I have a
>> note to that effect in my paper (posted to this group but obviously
>> not read).
>I have myself been corrected on this issue, to the effect that the
>internet draft being circulated is highly likely to become the next
>draft standard.

I can only say: please don't mention horses and deer in a single

Baka no koto uenai de kure.