Re: imagemaps in movies

Peter Flynn (
Sun, 12 Feb 95 08:35:11 EST

[imagemapping parts of an MPEG]
> HyTime supports this...
> for that matter, there were people using an SGI reality engine (I think) at
> the WWW conference in Chicago last October, demonstrating a virtual
> reality addition to Mosaic, where you could see a tabletop with an apple
> and a pear sitting on it. The surface tumbled over & over, and whenever
> a fruit was visible, if you clicked on it, an appropriate link was followed.
> So it's coming.

Cool. Knew I should have been there :-(

> Audio and textual annotations to video certainly make a lot of sense.
> ``If at any time you would like to buy any of our cars,
> simply click on the model you wish to purchase during this
> infomercial. Of course, if you click on the front bonnet, you
> will receive a 5% discount right here...''
> ``The series begin to converge when zeta falls negative;
> click anywhere on the surface to zoom in to that region.''

OK. ``To stop our hero being killed, click on the bullet between the gun
and his chest...'' :-)

I think it's a little way off yet...which is what I told the enquiring user.