Re: Charsets: Problem statement/requirements?

Gavin Nicol (
Mon, 13 Feb 95 13:37:58 EST

>like Chinese. Peope create new chinese characters and depreciate old
>characters all the time, according to certain rules, i.e. you can say,
>every single Chinese character might consists of several sub-characters
>(pian1pang2 and bu4shou3). Some contribute to the form of a character,
>some to the meaning and some to the sound of the entire character depending
>on the _spatial positions_ and combination of these sub-characters. In a
>sense, alphabetic language is one dimensional, while chinese is 2-D. A
>single chinese _character_ can be a _word_ which has meanings. To

I live in Japan. I can read Japanese. I know the issues.

Unicode supports most (all?) of the big5 character set. For newly
created characters, send a GIF, or a bitmap.