Re: (Fwd) Questions and Suggestions for 3.0

Tue, 14 Feb 95 13:48:37 EST

[Dave Raggett:]

| Evan Kirshenbaum <> writes:
| > 13) This may be opening up a can of worms, but it may be useful to
| > have elements which are only included if displaying or if
| > printing. (Currently the notion that what you see on the screen
| > is what you see on the paper often leads to loss of information
| > when a page is printed.)
| This issue surfaces from time to time on the discussion group. The
| general feeling is that we want to encourage people to use a single
| form of words suitable for a range of rendering devices (screen, print,
| voice, braille, ...).

.. thus allowing this problem to be handled by stylesheets. In our
SGML-based Novell manuals, for example, printing from the online
browser is under the control of a different set of stylesheets than
the ones that control the online display itself. Showing or hiding
particular elements is just another stylesheet control, along with
fonts, autonumbering, color, page layout, and other aspects of
presentation. Even the sequencing of elements (whether to display a
caption above or below a figure, for example) is, properly speaking,
an aspect of presentation.


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