Re: Am I Crazy? Or Is This a Bug?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 17 Feb 95 10:15:23 EST

In message <>, writes:
>Dan: I've been travelling and not sleeping so maybe I'm missing
>something, but is it not the case that:
>when you actually so the substitution for HTML-0, you
>end up with:
><!ENTITY % head.content "TITLE & ISINDEX? & BASE? & " >
>that is: You have a dangling ampersand.
>I can't believe I'm the first person to run into this,

You are. My Q/A procedures have become somewhat lax. When
I fixed the entity stuff at Mr. Grosso's suggestion, I forgot
to test the level 0 DTD.

>but when we change the declarations to the following,
>everything is fine:

><!ENTITY % head.extra "& NEXTID? & META* & LINK*">
><!ENTITY % head.content "TITLE & ISINDEX? & BASE?
> %head.extra">
><!ELEMENT HEAD O O (%head.content)>

I don't think this is legal. I don't believe you can start a parameter
entity with &, as Mr. Grosso pointed out.. That's what prompted me to
make these changes in the first place.

Anybody got a legal way to fix this problem?