Re: URL auto-print?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 17 Feb 95 12:23:42 EST

In message <m0rfVWP-00000NC@monolith>, writes:
> I've been itching to do the style-sheet thing in emacs-w3 for a while -
>is info in DSSL-lite available anywhere yet? Weekend coming up... :)

Don't blink folks: the w3 browser is about to be first again!

Bill: info on dsssl-lite, including an archive of the mailing list is
avaible at:
Thu Feb 16 17:53:46 1995

The current proposal is at:
Thu Feb 16 17:55:30 1995

You'll want to spend a couple hours poring over the DSSSL spec itself:

It's a farily thick tome, but the language is refreshingly precise,
for an ISO document. Skip right to the formatting stuff: section 4,
I think, on the STFP.

It should be pretty easy to munge dsssl-lite stuff in elisp: dsssl is
scheme based, but D-lite has no user-defined procedures, no let,
and no lambda, so the differences between scheme and elisp shouldn't
be visible via D-lite (the reader syntax might be a little different.
Can you muck with the elisp readtable?).

Every time I think about implementation, I get to the part about
(process-children) and (sequence) and content: and my head starts
to swim. But I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you have questions, is the most appropriate forum.