Re: Am I Crazy? Or Is This a Bug?
Fri, 17 Feb 95 15:59:04 EST

> >
> > I don't think this is legal. I don't believe you can start a parameter
> > entity with &, as Mr. Grosso pointed out.. That's what prompted me to
> > make these changes in the first place.
> >
> > Anybody got a legal way to fix this problem?
> >
> I forgot about this. It would be worth proposing a fix for the SGML revision.
> I suspect the cleanest way to do this is to actually repeat the full
> declarations within each of the relevant marked sections. Unfortunately
> to essentially act as the base level (that is, the way that html.dtd
> comes today).
> I'll try this now.
> If anyone has a better way to solve it, don't hesitate ...
In the absence of an even better way, how about simply placing BASE? in
the %head.extra; as a kind of placeholder?

This would make the declaration in HTML-0.dtd:

<!ENTITY % head.extra "BASE" >

in HTML.DTD, within %HTML.Recommended:
<!ENTITY % head.extra "BASE? & META* & LINK*" >

and the base declaration:

<!ENTITY % head.extra "BASE? & NEXTID? & META* & LINK*">

and of course "& BASE?" would be removed from the declaration for

Does this work? A little clunky, admittedly...