Re: <BR align=xxx>
Wed, 22 Feb 95 12:36:46 EST

Joe English writes
> On comp.infosystems.www.misc,
> in article <>,
> wrote:
> > As of the latest HTML 3.0 draft, you can do: <br align=xxx> to
> > affect the line/paragraph immediately before the <br>. Personally, I
> > think this is a little odd, but what the heck.
> I think this is a little odd, too...
> Is letting an element change the presentation
> of text that *precedes* it a good idea? Is
> it even a useful feature? Doesn't this go against
> the principles of structured markup? Won't it
> wreak havoc with DSSSL-Lite based implementations?

I agree with Joe entirely. This is very nervous-making
and I can't see that the benefits outweight the havoc
it will create.

Even from the point of view of someone creating such
constructs, surely if he or she moves an element to
somewhere else in a document, they expect this kind of
characteristic to move with it.

(I'd still prefer it if all this happened in the
stylesheet, but what the heck, if it has to be in the
document instance, let's make it more straight-forward.)